High-speed Internet ANYWHERE

When and where you use your internet should be your choice!

Introducing the internet service we have all been waiting for: no contract or credit check! Enjoy steady speeds with no peak or off-peak times, and skip installing an unsightly dish on your property. Plans offer up to 300GB of data per month and automatically throttle at 250GB used. Accounts that use more than 10GB per day are considered abnormal, and are automatically flagged for review. It’s your choice whether to use it at home, take it to the cabin, or bring it with you across the country! This service is ideal for people living in rural areas (i.e. have satellite internet) or people who travel and want to bring their internet with them, but works great for everyone! We KNOW you will love your new internet...but offer a 14-day return policy, just in case our speeds don't meet your needs!

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For existing customers with questions about their service:

We have a 24/7 support team that can walk you through basic troubleshooting steps and check the status of your modem.

You can call them at: (833) 484-6893

If you prefer, you can chat with a live agent or send an online message HERE.

FAQ Walk-through Videos

How do I change my default WiFi password?

How do I change my router's login password?

How do I reset my router to factory default settings?

How do I change the network selection?

How do I change the Google ping settings?

How do I remotely restart my router?